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In early 1990, by chance and after thinking about being a massage therapist for several years, I met someone who was going to massage school in the Boston area where I lived at the time.  I contacted the school that week, began the admissions process and have never looked back.  My education was top notch and what I have learned since has built on that foundation.

Being a massage and polarity therapist is very important to me and I am proud to offer high quality bodywork services to my clients, several of whom who are still with me since my student practicing days.  I am dedicated to each of my client's well-being and every session is client-centered and specifically designed.

Since graduation from massage school 30 years ago, I have attended more than 2500 hours of continuing education, striving to bring more knowledge and finely tuned skills to my practice.

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Thanks for your interest, I look forward to working together.